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WITH FNX & Unifi3d

FNX is a 3D render automation service for apparel brands.
We generate fast, brilliant digital images for product development and e-comm.

FNX is now part of Unifi3d.

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and accelerate and automate your digital product creations!

Product Creation

Render your DPC styles and colorways faster and easier than ever before.

Need numerous images of garments in multiple colorways, lighting conditions and camera angles?

No problem.

We automate these features for Browzwear and CLO3D, and we support Blender too!

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3D work is full of manual effort that requires high precision and long hours. Reclaim your day with FNX!


Reduce human error while eliminating the grunt work. Everyone will love you for it!


Learn from your data. See where you are using the most resources and report back to your product P&L.

Cloud-Native 3D

FNX makes rendering in your favorite 3D tools cloud-native and fully automated.

Automation means that you can have faster and better product imagery with less work.

Cloud native means that our software will integrate with the other software tools you love to use like Zapier, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Even your company’s PLM system!

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