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FNX Technologies Partners With Alvanon to Revolutionize 3D Speed

Team FNX
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September 1, 2020

FNX Technologies is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with the Alvanon 3D Body Platform. Together, these two innovators are driving monumental change in cloud-based 3D image rendering for digital product development for the global apparel industry.

FNX’s 3D render automation platform enables brands to scale their 3D production pipelines significantly faster than traditional processes, removing the manual effort & delivering high-quality and consistent digital imagery that can be leveraged throughout the entire product development journey — from prototyping, digital fitting, visualizing store layout and merchandising to direct display on e-commerce sites.

Alvanon takes the promise of enhanced 3D capabilities even further with their virtual AlvaForm — a remarkably accurate 3D avatar that allows brands and retailers to eliminate the cost, waste and time of physical fittings. Using the latest technology and body shape data, Alvanon is able to advise brands and retailers on the best fit for their customers.

Both technologies are compatible with popular design programs such as Browzwear and CLO3D. They integrate seamlessly into the production process to unleash creativity, ensure sizing and fit solutions, and optimize supply chains. As cloud-based platforms, they are easily accessible anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With this development, once a Browzwear user completes the design of a garment, they will be able to choose to dress it on a virtual AlvaForm figure as they upload the task to FNX for lightning-fast rendering in brilliant cinematic quality.

Digital product development has become more relevant than ever as brands and retailers seek to reduce speed to market and leverage 3D to create, make and sell their products in the future of retail. The ongoing global pandemic has inevitably accelerated the process. As e-commerce becomes the norm during COVID-19, brands and retailers are facing higher demands to speed up the product development process, visualize product samples and produce high-quality 3D images faster and faster.

Darcy Reno, CEO of FNX Technologies said, “What brands might not realize is that the setting up and scaling of a 3D pipeline requires a lot of legwork and is not easily repeatable or predictable. Taking our two decades of learning and experience from the film and animation industry, we have built a platform that allows brands to focus on designing products more efficiently and delivering output at scale. Our partnership with Alvanon takes this efficiency to a whole new level.”

Jason Wang, COO of Alvanon said, “FNX has been at the forefront of 3D render automation for apparel brands globally. We chose to partner with FNX because of their ability to produce high-quality digital assets the industry needs in order to accelerate the digital product creation. The new collaboration gives FNX’s customers access to Alvanon’s vast library of over 6,000 3D virtual AlvaForms, each representing a specific brand’s fit standards.”

About FNX Technologies

FNX is a 3D render automation service for apparel brands, allowing brands to master unbelievably fast, 3D product imaging to accelerate creativity and usage at scale while reducing capital cost and waste. FNX is the only complete solution that is vertical focused, offering scale and automation as a service. Led by the ex-CTOs from two of the largest 3D animation studios in North America, the FNX team is made up of veterans from companies like DreamWorks, Bardel Entertainment, Technicolor & Electronic Arts. This team solved the use of 3D at scale for the media industry, and they are poised to do the same for the consumer goods industry. www.fnx.tech

About Alvanon

Alvanon is a fashion technology company, focused on the body and its application and implications in the apparel industry. It has developed a unique and innovative body data-driven approach, with a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the fashion industry.

Since 2001, it has dedicated itself to body shape data research and has gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in 30+ countries, most recently, in China, Colombia, Costa Rica and the U.S. Combined with its deep apparel knowledge, this has allowed Alvanon to develop thousands of fit standards for hundreds of brands globally. www.alvanon.com


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